Saturday, September 09, 2006

This Blog activity wait approval from Google to become Ad Sense account

This Blog will come into play, if registration become member of Google ad sense can be accepted, considering myself will can't to defray by self all of research expense and cost for accessing the internet, therefore I request understanding from all visitor of this web site. This web site later will study about new computer viruses which possible not yet been detected by antivirus, and I'm is very expecting our ad sense Google immediately agreed so that I can immediately do research and do regularly update.

Besides that I mentioned, in Indonesia also a lot of people still confuse about way to overcome a virus so that we will try to assist them with existence of this Blog, but if registration of Google ad sense still refused again hence possibility of this Blog not yet will do activity meaning. In fact I have had some virus sample to be checked but because limitation of fund which I have, I delay it, so that I very hope that application from me to join in ad sense immediately agreed, so that wide society can immediately enjoy the existence of my knowledge to eliminate virus free of charge.

Thank you,
Best regards,
Indra Kurniawan.

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