Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tips lessen possibility of virus infection computer and its friends.

  1. Always ascertain your computer is updated routinely.

  2. Ascertaining always update virus definition had by your antivirus, it is of course you can download from antivirus official website.

  3. Ascertaining you conduct scanning at media which you use to change over data before you open existing data in it.

  4. Minimization transfer of data between computers, if you often doing it ascertain your definition is always updated

  5. Use internet carefully doesn't come [from] justly to open.

  6. Use firewall to increase your computer security to threat attacked [by] cracker.

  7. If enabling important data encryption which you have.

  8. Don't [do/conduct] transaction use credit card [in] less trustworthy websites.

  9. We that way my which can submit hopefully can be useful.

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Indra Kurniawan.

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