Saturday, January 27, 2007

IBM and Yahoo Offer Free Enterprise Search Software

In a partnership reminiscent of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple, IBM and Yahoo have come together to offer free enterprise search software.

The two companies — one built for business, the other caught between geeks and glamour — on Wednesday plan to announce the availability of IBM OmniFind Yahoo Edition, entry-level search software for corporate Linux and Windows servers. The software is available at no cost from

"We think it's a very complementary relationship," says Marc Andrews, program director for information management strategies at IBM. "Yahoo brings that consumer view of the market and a view into small businesses, and also the awareness around Web search and easy search for the average user." IBM, he says, brings "an understanding of enterprise-oriented systems."

Those familiar with the installation of such systems — historically as pricey and painful as a multi-month root canal — may be surprised to find that IBM OmniFind Yahoo Edition has been designed to install in five minutes, in three clicks or less.

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