Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lotus As A Web 2.0 Collaboration Platform? Not Quite Yet

IBM desperately wants a seat at the Web 2.0 table. Last week at its Lotusphere conference, IBM brought out new tools ranging from social networking software designed for businesses to a more user-friendly version of a Notes E-mail application that was once synonymous with "clunky."
All the Web 2.0 buzzwords are represented: wikis, syndicated feeds, video, presence awareness, click-to-call. Beyond the features, IBM's trying to make the Lotus brand something of a mashable collaboration platform, allowing plug-ins to products such as Cisco telephony, AOL instant messaging, CRM, and Research In Motion BlackBerrys. "The collaboration market is not an E-mail-only market anymore," Lotus VP Ken Bisconti says.

Agreed. But IBM's everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach could amount to a jumble of loosely coupled tools. Th.....

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