Thursday, November 01, 2007

Boost VoIP Call Quality, Boost Profits

“Can you hear me now?” That old refrain has become a standard joke when it comes to cell phone and VoIP calling. However, it’s no laughing matter for businesses which can lose thousands of dollars as a result of poor call quality. An inability to make international calls (and especially to make local calls) without background noise decreases the professional credibility of any business, reducing their potential profits every time that the phone rings. In the past, this has been one of the most frustrating aspects of VoIP technology, especially for small businesses seeking to develop a name for themselves and a client base in their industry.

However, things are starting to look up for business professionals interested in using VoIP to make their calls. Call quality has been going up across the board from VoIP service providers who have recognized that this is a problem and worked to remedy the situation. Additionally, hardware and software manufacturers are contributing to creating solutions by crafting new technology that can be installed to improve the quality of all VoIP calls.

For example, NoiseFree VoIP has just launched a beta test version of their new software which is designed to rapidly clear up calls on many VoIP systems.

“Our software easily installs and when used at both ends of a call completely removes the challenges presented by uncontrollable environmental noise. Additionally, NoiseFree VoIP is able to reduce the packet load on a network, mitigating instances of voice distortion due to impacted network nodes. By doing so it enhances overall bandwidth availability.”(Source: SnapVoip blog)

Although it works best when used by both parties in the call, the software can assist in creating improved call quality when used by either party. The benefits of this software over other methods of VoIP noise cancellation include that it takes up very little memory or power, requires no additional hardware, and uses multiple forms of patented technology to reduce background noise and clarify voices during calls.

This can translate directly into dollars for your business. No, you’re probably not going to lose a client or an important deal because of one bad call. But if your VoIP system regularly causes bad connections, you slowly decrease your credibility in the industry. Although we all know that the flaws of technology aren’t necessarily a reflection of our business practices, we also all have a tendency to believe that these things are related. By reducing noise problems with VoIP calling, businesses give their company that polished air of professionalism that can make a difference in profits over time.

Businesses interested in trying out NoiseFree VoIP can use the beta software free through the end of the year by downloading it from the website. This software is similar to that of Solicall which is also available for download.

Is your perception of a business affected when phone calls are interrupted by background noise?

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