Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last year in high school

This year is the last year for me study in high school. There is so many experience, story and the other think. Many people tell that in high school is very beautiful moment in your live. I doubt about that, but now i belive that so much, because in high school we don't think about live, money, and many aspect. We only focus in study. As we know in high school, boy in general have girl friend but not me, although i fall in love with a few girl in my school i don't want to make a relationship. Next month i will face a national univerty entrance examination. I hope, i can pass in one of my choice. I want to continue my study in university in degree of political science, or management. I want to become a legislative or any position in goverment. Thank for all people in my high school.

Hormat saya,
Indra -

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