Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chile Mine Rescue - A Hug From The President

That's what we called a President. I'm really love what has been done by Chili President.

If you listen to President of Chili you will feel that you are part of the operation, great speech, very encouraging.

If you doesn't know what was happened recently, then in brief there is an accident in Chili. A group of miners trapped underground approximately 620 m below the surface. Government setup a rescue operation to save 33 miners who trapped in the mining workshop, 620 m below surface.

The operation to lift the survivor to the surface, begin yesterday around 8 a.m. GMT + 7, and finished just a few minutes ago. Phoenix, a tools which is used to carry a people from the workshop to the surface. Basically, Phoenix act as an lift that you know in tall building.

I am really happy that all of the trapped miners is now in the surface. I can't imagine what they do in the workshop below the surface, with out enough ventilation (average 32 C, and 80% humidity, according to BBC), light, and enough food supply. According to the group leader, they just eat every 48 hours. I just wondering, if they eat then they need to ...., how they do it for almost 70 days? Who knows? That will be interesting stories.

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