Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One of My Best Friend at Communication Studies [Long Time Ago]

DSCN1075, originally uploaded by indra.kurniawan.

I found this photo coincidentally when I browse my Flickr's account. Looking this picture, I'm flashing back to almost 2 years ago when I was at Communication Studies.

This photo remind me about the situation at my campus at Jl. Sosio Yustisia, which has a great people. This campus surrounded by tree plantation that give us a "green" impression. Two floor U shaped building with a giant tree, right in the middle of the building. When you arrived, parked your vehicle, and entering this community you will saw a group of people sat at floor while waiting for class, or waiting in the cafeteria (although you just talking with out buying any meal or drink). Most of classes located at left section of this building or second floor at the right section.

In this photo, I was at room 1B which located at second floor, near corner of this building. You can find this room near room 1 A or Administration Office of Graduate Studies of International Relation. This photo was taken right after our Public Speaking class with Mrs Rajiyem.

Despite the fact that it was my past, I'm very proud that I've a chance being in that community. Last Monday, I also got invitation from my friend who named Dani to attend gathering with class of 2008. Well, that's an honor for me.

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