Sunday, October 03, 2010


Prambanan, originally uploaded by zsoolt.

Prambanan is a famous temple in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. For those who never heard about Indonesia, may be don't know about this temple. This temple was build during ninth century. This temple located nearly 18 KM from downtown Yogyakarta, Indonesia, but much closer if you want to visit this temple directly from airport.

Prambanan is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia. Actually, Prambanan is a complex of temple, according to our myth, Prambanan planed to be a complex of 1000 temple, but for some reason this temple just had 999. Now, Prambanan only has less than 30 % of it's original temple.

Recently, Prambanan used as a national event location. Using appropriate decoration and lighning Prambanan will show it's beauty.

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